Pixel Soldier – Presskit

screenshot_with_logoPixel Soldier is a fast-paced game about fighting frantic bosses, while quickly dodging their attacks. Disregard gravity while walking on walls and jumping from one side of the room to another. With a minimalist yet dynamic 4-color aesthetic that doesn’t distract from the pure arcade action gameplay. Do you have what it takes to beat all stages?





Pixel Soldier started as an entry for the GBJAM 5 in October 2016, which required to make a game inspired by the GameBoy, with a limited screen resolution and using only 4 colors. It placed 12th out of 398 games in the category “Overall Gameplay”.

It has been in development ever since, and Early Access updates can be played for free on Itch.io.


  • Fast-paced action Gameplay
  • Shoot and Dash your way through several stages
  • Fight even more bosses
  • Speedrun Leaderboards
  • Various weapons offering different playstyles
  • Boss Rush mode
  • Dynamically changing 4-color palette
  • Simple pick up and play gameplay and controls

Fact Sheet

Developer: Accidently Awesome Studios, based in Graz, Austria

Early Access Release: right now, pay what you want (free), go play it

Release: Before the end of 2019 (tweet @accidentlyAnton if not) (Sign up to the Newsletter here)

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux [and Android (beta)]

Development Updates: @aawesomestudios


Awards and Special Achievements

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Send inquiries to: contact [at] accidentlyawesome.com