Here are some games we have created, yet. More to come for sure!

Pixel Soldier

Detailed info about the game: Presskit

Screenshot from 2017-07-06 07-56-14

Hello, Alien!

Conceived during Ludum Dare 30. (2014)

A puzzle game about creating satellite networks with laser technology. Establish connections by using mirrors, splitters, bombs and warpholes. But be careful not to ‘accidentally’ fry an alien.

Download and play it on ITCH.IO or on Google Play

Play the original Ludum Dare entry here.

Jam Games

You can find a lot of our LD Jam games on our Ludum Dare page.

In Development Limbo

At any moment there are always a dozen of ideas and unfinished projects waiting for us to tackle. This means not everything will get finished or published immediately, but we are rather working on what we think is currently the most worthwhile of our time. And smaller projects may be thrown in-between larger projects. Here will be a list of unfinished projects, that will be eventually finished, for real, really.

Below Earth

Cld29_title1onceived during Ludum Dare 29.

It’s a top-down action arcade game, inspired by bomberman and spelunky.

Play the original Ludum Dare entry here.

Download, Play and view the source code over at BitBucket.

Space Scrap

screen_1457547820.85Conceived during IndiesVSGamers Gamejam.

In Space Scrap you assemble your spaceship from scrap parts lying around under time pressure, and then try to fly it through a shmup section, having it being torn apart again (except if you’re good).

Play it on Gamejolt.

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